Monday, 27 July 2020

Linda Lamb

As the founder of a fast-growing family law business, when Linda Lamb spends money on marketing it has to count. So Return on Marketing Investment is a subject very close to her heart. How does she measure it?

“I wish it was as simple as just looking at the bottom line. But it isn’t. When you’re establishing a new brand, developing your profile is crucial and you need to find the right business partners to help you achieve that. You’re balancing lots of different priorities at the same time – creating a strong recruiter brand as well as nurturing business, both directly from clients and via law firm referrals – so an effective PR strategy is fundamental to future success. Our focus is on quality and building for the long term – and that requires investment.”

LSL Family Law already has a loyal following - Linda’s thoughtful advisory style and her dedication to client service (she used to be a midwife!) are a winning combination – the next step is attracting other family law professionals to join the team. LSL Family Law can provide an empowering career alternative for successful family lawyers who want to stay at the top of their tree, work flexibly and achieve that all-important work-life harmony. Linda has created an exciting way forward for family law professionals who are weary of the same rigid career paths, of relentless hours in large firms and who are not enamoured with the idea of branching out on their own as a sole practitioner.

A passionate advocate of new technology, Linda has integrated AI software with her website to enhance efficiency and to create the best possible client experience. Client feedback is amazing. She has also developed an impressive consultant portal system enabling those who join her team to share LSL Family Law’s well-established resources and third-party services. In addition to benefitting from LSL’s cutting-edge software and systems, consultants are offered IT support, mentoring and business development advice and are relieved of the responsibilities of compliance issues, credit control, indemnity insurance and marketing, leaving them free to concentrate on the needs of their clients.  And of course in the challenging environment created by the pandemic, Linda's focus on technology has been massively beneficial.  She has been using her technology and processes to induct clients online before setting up a video or phone chat.  She has also taken pains to develop the ranking of her website and using social media to highlight LSL Family Law is very much open for business, even conducting mediations online. 

 “When evaluating the benefits of marketing, it helps to establish your objectives and expectations early on. We wanted to grow our brand in a specific way and we chose Kysen because of the team’s excellent reputation and their track record in the legal sphere. We were impressed by Kysen’s warm, friendly, client centered-approach - which mirrors our own - and we felt that the team understood our needs from the start. How do we judge success? Initially, by achieving coverage on the right topics and in the right places – articles and comments being published in national broadsheets and legal trade titles – so that we can make that vital connection with our target audiences. The next step is to consider the level of engagement generated by these pieces – the likes and comments on social media, responses from established contacts and enquiries from new clients and prospective consultants. When a top family law lecturer and practitioner at a magic circle family law firm publicly express support for your views on the importance of business savviness in legal practice - that’s when you know your marketing strategy is having the desired effect.

“Kysen have been instrumental in boosting our profile and in helping us to achieve our strategic aims. The team are a delight to communicate with and are incredibly supportive. From writing articles for top legal publications to penning comments on family law storylines in soaps, our PR journey together has been extremely productive and tremendous fun.”

We’ve enjoyed working with you too Linda!
Suspension of Jury trials a threat to the rule of law, reads a Legal Futures headline this week  Too right!  There have been lots of positive changes to working practices during Lockdown, not least the revelation that we are all actually very productive when working from home and appreciate spending less time commuting and slowing down to enjoy the simple things.  But doing away with juries would most definitely not be one of them!  There must be another way to deal with the pressure on the criminal justice system posed by social distancing requirements.  

7BR's Head of Chambers Collingwood Thompson QC put it best in a recent piece in The Times, saying trials without juries must be the last resort as there are legitimate fears about how judges would reach a verdict on their own. He doesn't pull any punches! If you have a subscription, you can access the full article here
Love this latest Coronaviral clip: an Indian journalist interviews a pair of donkeys on the road about why they are not wearing facemasks.  Supposedly he did it to help raise awareness of the importance of mask wearing. And as the video went viral, he can certainly claim he achieved that aim.  

For me, I just enjoyed  the light relief. If it passed you by, you can enjoy the interview here.

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