Sunday, 4 September 2011

Nicky Richmond

Straight-talking Nicky Richmond is a legal blogger to watch. I'd highly recommend you check out her blogs and twitter feed. Nicky is joint managing partner of boutique law firm Brecher and renown for telling it exactly as it is, whether advising clients and large-scale property finance transactions or sharing her views on the inner workings of the legal profession. Not surprisingly, clients and colleagues love Nicky for just this. You can get a taste of her inimitable style from her twitter feed, (her ID is 'saysitstraight') and her personal blog (entitled 'Saying It Straight').

What I find particularly skilful is how Nicky perfects adjusting her voice to suit different platforms. For example she blogs regularly for Estates Gazette, and these are highly entertaining reads. Take a look at this blog post about the 'Strange New Beasts' that are to be found in the property finance arena currently, and how parties looking for finance need to look in quite unusual places these days.  In addition she writes for the print edition: her blog pieces are sometimes reproduced in print, then followed by slightly more technical articles on the same topic for the professional pages, using an altogether more serious tone of voice. 

Different again is her personal blog Saying It Straight, ('as sure as eggs is eggs - food and law') where she recently wrote a hilarious piece about lawyers during 'Dog Days', being the days in August ending with the 24th 'defining a time period that is hot or stagnant, or marked by dull lack of progress'.  If you're involved in the legal profession, you'll find this amusing...
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International bank litigation kicked off in a big way this weekend with news that the US Federal Housing Finance Agency's has filed lawsuits against 17 foreign banks (including three in the UK) for allegedly misleading them over the quality of mortgages sold. 

Joe Lynam's piece for the BBC was masterful in its succinctness, summarising a highly complex area in a very short broadcast segment. An excellent case study in the structure and brevity of broadcast stories compared to print media.  

Exciting news for Kysen this week was our move to 22 Long Acre, in the heart of London's creative district, Covent Garden. The building we have moved to is the former headquarters of Channel 5. It's an inspiring place to work and we are all loving it.

We had some intriguing comments when we tweeted photos of the area, including some of the local street performers, and asked people to guess where we'd moved to. My favourite was in response to this photo: legal journo and academic @richardparnham tweeted 
 "I didn't know The Body Shop, or Kysen, had opened a branch in Narnia..." 
Well he does now!

My other favourite quote was from one of our staff after a client meeting on our new roof terrace:
"we need to bring in our sunglasses now we're working here."  
Not sure the English weather will allow this to become much of a problem!

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