Friday, 18 March 2011

Kysen Tonic

Highlight of my week was seeing clients and friends at our Tonic drinks evening, a wonderful opportunity to catch up with the people we know who are working in-house in marketing or PR roles.  A number of us at Kysen have previously worked in-house and we know that at times it can feel quite an isolated role; at the end of the day you are practising a discipline that is very different from the main core of the business, ie the delivery of legal/accountancy services or similar.  The idea behind our Tonic club is to introduce our clients and friends to each other, so they can make useful connections and develop their own networks.

So on Wednesday night we had gin & tonics and other drinks at The Hospital Club in Covent Garden (Tonic..., Hospital Club..., are you starting to see the theme?).  Great company and scintillating conversation.  A nice mix of in-house legal PRs (including two ex-Kysen employees, both remembered very fondly), accountancy marketeers, a good representation from the Bar, plus a couple of other professional services marketeers who were brought along by our guests, one from the management consultancy world and one from a property consultancy.

Surprising just how many conversations I had with senior bods about current strategic planning exercises, either preparing their firms for the upturn or for significant regulatory change.  As their stories edge into the public domain, I will be sure to tell you more. Interesting times...

If you would like to join our Tonic club, send us a message via comment box below.

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Played a new business game this week at Lex2011TweetUp called match up the real and twitter identities!  It was great to meet in person for the first time some of the people I feel I have got to know so well over twitter in recent months.  But harder than I thought to recognise said people in a bar from their twitter profile pics!  Nothing to do with the fact this was the second drinks event of the evening for me, (we joined the TweetUp directly after Tonic), I promise... 

Thanks to Brian Inkster for organising.  Great to catch up with @LawyerCatrin, @TheLawyerKaty, @azrights, @ljanstis (well almost - met in the doorway as I arrived and he was leaving), @lindacheunguk @aligeary - all well worth following of course.  Many more others there that I didn't get the chance to speak to in depth. Looking forward to next time!

* * *

Lunch with Patrick Sawers from the Sunday Telegraph was a real treat this week.  He's a man who likes to preserve his mystique, so I won't reveal too much!  As senior news reporter on the Home Desk it was interesting to hear his take on legal stories and cases - and what makes a story for him and his team.  As he went through his checklist, I was struck by how similar it was to Evening Standard's Paul Cheston's list - big money, sex, celebrity names (footballers are favourites) and a sprinkling of David v Goliath.  Then I remembered that Patrick's previous role was as assistant news editor at The Standard! 

Patrick runs a very active and excellent twitter.  Do follow!

* * * *

Favourite news story this week?  Has to be the news that the Sundance Film Festival is coming to London next year.  I was so excited when I read this in my morning paper, that I spilled my coffee!  Click here to read the full story.

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