Friday, 11 March 2011

Julie Gingell

A delight to see Julie Gingell this week, Head of Marketing at SA Law and now a partner - one of the first legal marketeers to be promoted to partner after the advent of LDPs. Julie came to our offices for an operational catch-up and while she was here we took the opportunity to swap notes about how social media is transforming the way we work. 

I was particularly keen to hear about an internal coaching programme she ran to help familiarise her fellow partners and fee-earners with social media. She talked me through the detail. Like many firms, SA Law has a range of social media enthusiasts and cynics. The evidence is clear though - social media activity creates new types of business opportunity and SA Law's management were keen that the firm didn't miss out through fear of these new media platforms. Last year they won two significant, profitable pieces of work through LinkedIn and they are well aware this is a trend that will only grow. 

So Julie's programme had a '3-star' to '5-star' grading. The 3-star end of the spectrum was all about setting a minimum standard of social media engagement and giving those that needed it the support to achieve it. The minimum standard at SA Law is that all lawyers need at least to have a LinkIn profile, with all relevant profile detail properly completed and a minimum of 10 connections to begin with. The programme kicked off with a seminar on how to get started and was followed up with personal visits from members of the marketing team to fee-earners desks, sitting with them at their PCs to make sure they were able to apply what they had learned.

The 5-star end of the programme was all about giving support to those more familiar with different social media, helping them to develop their Twitter routines and build up their followings and learning to use the medium in more sophisticated ways.  All about maximising opportunities for making valuable new business connections and winning work.

SA Law is a small but extremely smart law firm based outside of London in St. Albans. Nice to see a small regional firm leading the way with such an excellent best practice programme. Good on you Julie!

* * *

Can you guess from this classic quote who my mid-week lunch guest was? If you know the man you will probably get it. Bottle of wine for the first person to post the right answer:

"I have a variety of hats, but I like to wear my trilby when I'm cycling because it's a good snug fit!"

* * *

I had great fun this week organising a daily MIPIM blogspot and twitter feed for The Lawyer magazine, by new client Nicky Richmond at Brecher solicitors. Nicky is a natural and completely excelled herself.  She and her partners are incredibly well connected in the property world, so hooked up with everyone that mattered at MIPIM and knew absolutely everything that was going on.  Perfect for a blogger! She is also hilarious. If I tell you that her first blog entry on Day One began with...

"Looking forward to a big and memorable MIPIM.  Highlights from previous years include trying not to watch the rather pale buttocks of one of my rather proper former male partners disappear down the beach as he ran into the sea for a dare, at 4 30 a.m. ( you know who you are )." will get the gist of what her blog was like.  For the Full Monty, here's a link: The Lawyer's MIPIM blog.

I used to work in-house for Nicky and her partners many many years ago in a different incarnation of Brecher solicitors.  This week's experience reminded me just how much fun they are to work with!

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